Shanti Farm


Bees are amazing creatures.  They have an incredibly organized social structure and all work for the good of the community instead of for their own personal gain.  They also do so much for us.  They pollinate plants which gives us food, they make yummy honey that we can eat and they make beeswax that has many, many uses!Bees are in danger as many of their colonies are dying (colony collapse disorder).  It is important that we all do our part to protect them.

Here are some things that we all can do to protect the bees:

  • Plant bee friendly herbs and flowers in your garden.
  • Don’t use chemicals and pesticides to treat your lawn or garden.
  • Buy local, organic food (so no pesticides are used to grow your food).
  • Put water out for them (a little basin with stones or corks in it for them to crawl on).

We periodically sell honey and beeswax candles.  Keep on the lookout for information or feel free to email me at [email protected] to see what we have available.