Shanti Farm

Our Garden

Our veggies are grown in an organic fashion.  This means that we do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides.  Most of the compost is from our chickens, goats and kitchen scraps.

Here is some info that might help you in your garden.

What to plant when in the San Francisco Bay Area:

We are lucky here in the San Francisco Bay Area that we can grow veggies all year round.  In the summer we can enjoy cucumbers, tomatoes and beans and in the winter broccoli, cabbage and peas abound.  Here is a wonderful list from Common Ground of what to plant when in the Bay Area: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Garden layout and companion planting:๏ปฟ

When you lay out your garden it is important to consider what you are planting where.  Most plants do care who their neighbors are.  Some plants help each other out (beans can climb up corn and basil can improve the flavor of tomatoes and deter harmful insects).  Some plants are detrimental (tomatoes and potatoes suffer from many of the same diseases and can cross infect each other,  kale does not grow as well if it is near tomatoes or strawberries).  Here is a list of companion plants (what you should and should not plant together): Companion Planting Chart

Composting and soil amendments:

Adding nutrients to your soil is essential to healthy plant growth.  You can buy soil amendments at most garden stores, but it is less expensive to use your own kitchen waste to make wonderful soil amendments for your garden.

Here are 3 amendments that I make regularly:

Bone Meal 
Eggshell Powder