Shanti Farm

Chicken Feed, Suppliments and Treats

Feed: Chicken’s nutritional needs change depending on their stage of life.

  • Chick Starter: For chicks the best food is “Chick Starter”.  I choose the organic option.  The chicks should get this until they begin to lay (around 21 weeks).
  • Layer Pellets: After that they should get “Layer Pellets”.  You do not want to give younger chickens layer pellets because the high calcium content can hurt their kidneys.  Once roosters are about 20-21 weeks they can get layer pellets as well.  The calcium in the layer pellets is not ideal for them, but is not damaging.
  • Flock Raiser: If you have roosters or if you have young chickens with your layers it is possible to get “Flock Raiser” feed.  I do not use this because I have not been able to find an organic version of this.  If you are using this it is crucial that you have oyster shell free choice for your layers.  Another organic option for a mixed age flock is feeding them all “Chick Starter” and making sure that there is oyster shell available.


  • Oyster Shell:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar:
  • Pumpkin:
  • Herbal Wormer: