Shanti Farm

Treats – What they can and cannot eat


Goats like treats.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t.  I like to make sure that the treats I give to my goats are nutritious.  However, no matter how nutritious the treats are, I make sure that the majority of their diet is hay, alfalfa and forage.

The treats my goats like are:
  • Kitchen scraps – I give them left over veggie and fruit scraps including peels.  They like banana peels a lot!
  • Black oil sunflower seeds –  I give them about 1 handful of these daily.  They are packed with fiber and protein.  They also have a high fat content which can give needed calories to lactating goats.  My girls LOVE these.
  • Whole pumpkins (broken open) –  During the fall and winter, when pumpkins are all around, I give them 1 a week.  The seeds are said to have a deworming effect. and it is packed with vitamins A and C.


Fiasco Farm has a wonderful list of plants that are safe for goats and poisonous for goats.  Check it out here.