Tomato Seedlings for sale


Now that the weather is getting nice it is time to think about your summer garden. I have several varieties of organically grown tomato seedlings for sale. Some of the varieties include Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Gold Medal and White Cherry.

They are $3 per plant in 4″ pot or 4 for $10.  Email me if you are interested.

There will be more seedlings (peppers, eggplant, beans, cucumbers, basil) coming soon!

Rescuing a hive from a tree


Today I assisted Art Hall with the rescue of a beautiful hive from a tree at Stanford University.  I am so happy that the university had someone capture and protect the bees rather than have them killed.  It is my hope that it becomes standard procedure to protect wild hives and swarms.

Once we took down the hive and got the bees safely into a box I moved the box into my apiary.  The extra comb will used to make beeswax candles.  I look forward to this hive growing and in the spring I can harvest the honey.

Here is the new hive in my apiary:


Moving day for the chicks!

Today was moving day for the 7 week old chicks.  They moved from the brooder to the outdoor “Teen Hangout”.  This is a sectioned off area of the run just for the chicks until they begin to lay.  I do not put them in with the layers before they begin to lay because the layer feed has too much calcium for them.

Initially they found the move a bit unnerving, but they are now enjoying exploring the big, amazing world.


Can you believe that just 7 weeks ago these guys looked like this…


I will only be keeping 11 of the chicks.  In the end of January/beginning of February I will have some beautiful 12 week old pullets to sell.  Check back then (or email me) if you are interested.